30 Rocks


A little word about my current biggest crush. Mr Alec Baldwin. Now the Baldwins are all in the business of show business but when it comes down to it the eldest has always been at the top of his game. Of course in my biased eyes the others will never get a look in. In the fifth year of its running this comedy TV series, created by the comedienne Liz Lemon…. oh no I mean Tina Fey, has me crying with joy and almost entirely because of the lines of one man. Mr Jack.. I mean Alec Baldwin.

30 Rock is set in the NBC studios where Liz Lemon, played by Tina Fey herself, is the head writer of a TV comedy sketch show, TGS, built around the “talents” of one huge celebrity: Tracy Jordan. Tracy Jordan is as unpredictable as he is ridiculous. As the star of this live sketch show he competes for the attention on screen with Jenna Maroney, a self-professed comedy actress, singer and celebrity superstar. Tracy inevitably wins, despite his lack of any artistry and so tantrums ensue, which must be carefully managed by Lemon and her team. Jack Donaghy enters the show as the Network Executive who becomes known for his witty putdowns of Lemon and controlling/successful management of the entire corporation. He is not only a genius in the art of management, business success, wit, microwave oven design and the television industry but he is also able to display a loving side as he actively takes on the mentorship of comedy writer Liz Lemon who attracts chaos to all her personal and sometimes professional endeavours.

As a late starter in the world of 30 Rock (the name referring to its location in Manhattan: 30 Rockefeller Place) I was advised to whip through the first 4 and a half series in order to get up to date with the show currently midway through it’s fifth year. I began without fear and plowed eagerly through 5, 6 and even 7 episodes a night. Thus, I was rapidly sucked into the world of Jack, Liz(ard), Tracy, Jenna and Kenneth (the rural page boy who is at everyone’s beck and call) without the safety buffer of a weekly break between shows. Now I was free falling into the world of 30 Rock’s NBC and as their references to the city, in which I now live, became more and more frequent, the boundaries between my reality and the reality of the fictional show TGS began to blur. And as always with me the show’s family became my Manhattan family and I look forward to getting home and curling up for more jokes with Jack Donaghy.


A note to the reader (if you are out there) don’t look TOO closely at this image as it is technically not accurate i.e. where is my left shoulder? why am I the same size as the actors/my family since all actors, and in this case my family, are all really quite short and I am obviously so tall in real life? and why is Alec Baldwin’s hand so large and Welsh (really Rhod Gilbert’s hand- sorry Rhod)? All of these questions can be answered. Powerpoint.


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