A Perfect Day…


…. for a monster to TEAR through Manhattan squishing harmless pedestrians and ripping through the traffic on 5th Avenue.

I woke up this morning with the sky heavy with rain. In fact when the rain clouds lie over the city I can understand why so many monster movies have been set here. Godzilla, King Kong (arguably the daddy of all monsters?), The Ghostbusters Mr Stay Puft (must admit I had to look that one up), The Shredder to name a few classics.

Today, on the 25th February 2011, there are NO special effects needed. The dark grey cumulonimbus clouds hide the tips of the skyscapers creating a perfect backdrop to the “bit where Godzilla crushes the little fishing guy on the pier as he reaches Manhattan eager to reak havoc on its inhabitants”. These clouds are not for the faint hearted. Sunlight is strictly forbidden. The tall looming buildings look depressed in the shadow of this thick mist. Although I have not discussed this with anyone at work, there has been an atmosphere of doom all day. One minute I think a huge mutant dinosaur is going to march past the window, human legs dangling from its tightly clenched fist, the next I fear the clouds will part as a colossal alien spacecraft lowers itself in a position to attack.

I have already decided that anything can happen in New York City. The weather so far has been variable to say the least. Snow follows rain follows bright sunlight (and that was only this morning). It is completely within reason that a huge ice storm could cripple the city as the world steps into an unpredicted ice age. I can however be thankful that Dennis Quaid is on this continent and not Europe as who else could save me from the frozen abyss if the only mode of transport was a sledge!?

Through the gloom I can clearly see the iconic Chrysler Building from my laboratory.

It is not lit up for the night yet as we are in that dangerous half light of dusk and that makes me all the more apprehensive. If King Kong gets the wrong building, surely it is possible he would scale the Chrysler? If I saw a ginormous gorilla swinging from the spire I would definitely try my luck uptown in Harlem. You never know how hungry these giant maneating gorillas can get on a Friday evening.

I need to calm down. Bill Pullman is not the President, Will Smith is sunning it up in L.A. and Bill Murray is probably getting a bit old for busting monsters. But come to think of it I bet Matthew Broderick is around as SJP is filming on Central Park. Maybe all is not lost.

For a graph of monster sizes please refer to the diagram below. Good job I have not seen Cloverfield or I might just have panicked!

published by GeekStir July 29th 2009

Who would have thought the Ghostbusters monster was so huge??? Hey and T Rex was prolific!


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  1. There was an 80’s movie called “Q, The Winged Serpent” about a flying dragon in NYC that included a plot point about the creature using the Chrysler Building as a nest.

    Just to say that it’s claimed already, lest King Kong get any funny ideas.

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