But it’s cold!


Ice cream is widely regarded to be for a warmer time. Summer perhaps. I rarely ate ice cream in the UK (which is not at all due to the climate). Mainly because I could not justify the calorific guilt of buying a pint of Ben and Jerry’s or Haagen-Dazs so inevitably the naughty pleasure would be ruined. Strangely I would much prefer to consume a glorious melt in the middle chocolate pudding. Or make brownies or mars bar krispie cakes with latherings of butter. Or even just munch on a cheeky chocolate bar, milk not white (crucial). Are you sensing a theme?

Yes I am a true chocophile and I would satisfy my cravings with all of the above but not so much with the iced cream variety. Yet here in the United States of America, here in the city where all I have known since January 4th is snowfall and icy winds, that stab my ears so cruelly, all I seem to do is eat ice cream. Every flavour I can get my hands on. Chocolate peanut butter, pistachio, brownie batter, chocolate fudge brownie so far. I even tried Chocolate brownie FRO YO (Frozen Yoghurt) to curb the calorie overload that was filling my freezer AND my tummy. To no avail. I discovered you unfortunately need more FRO YO per serving to quench my desire.

So as I write this I am simultaneously finishing off my Haagen Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter pint. I have now eliminated the annoyance of dirty dishes and just prefer to indulge straight from the carton. Quicker that way. I would pray for this frosty urge to vanish if I believed it would do any good but I don’t. The weather is improving every day. Today as I stood waiting for my ride home I was dazzled by the brilliant sunlight and I thought, and maybe I jinxed it, that Spring must be finally on its way. I worry now that a time will arrive when ice cream is required for a light relief from the stiffling heat of the city and yet I will have already consumed my yearly allowance by March! What can I do?


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