You’re about as fun as a stick!


So this post could be dedicated to Netflix. A clever little website that allows you to stream films and TV shows to your heart’s content for a mere $7.99/month. Furthermore if you want a newer DVD or even an older TV series, such as Seinfeld (why would you? hold on I’m getting there) you can pay a piffling extra $2/month and they will post them direct to your door.

Since I have now watched every episode of 30 Rock and am in search of new entertainment their offer of a first month free trial seemed incredibly attractive.

Up. A quaint little Pixar piece with an odd story, wonderful animation and a cute moral. Sleepless in Seattle was next and I watched it for potentially the eighthundredth time wishing that Tom Hanks would find me on the top of the Empire State Building someday and then an old 80s flick called “About Last Night”. I watched it for James Belushi, an Ashbridge favourite, but I found that despite the lack of acting ability displayed by Demi Moore and Rob Lowe it was quite outstanding how good looking the blue eyed Lowe really is. Apart from the comedic Orange advert joking around with him I have not seen him in any movies before now and was not aware of his beauty. I am now.

So far, so good. Netflix has entertained me tremendously in the last week and I have not paid a cent.

Now for a slightly different theme, a theme of challenges. A mission of sorts set by a colleague in a neighbouring lab.

“The 175th episode of Seinfeld prompted the establishment of a LES New York hangout spot. Your mission is to identify the 4th item listed on their drinks menu.”

Not being at all knowledgeable on Seinfeld but being very concious that Google was my friend I was eager to get started. I discovered quickly that the 175th episode was called “The Maid” and was one of the later 9th and final series episodes but I was vexed to find that I could only extract one clip from Youtube, which was not much use to me. No clues at all. I carried on my web browsing and discovered no information on LES (Lower East Side) establishments connected to this episode and so was better advised to rent “The Maid” and do some primary research myself. Let’s welcome Netflix back to this saga. Taking only one day to arrive I received a DVD covering the second half of the 9th series and promptly selected the relevant episode and sat down to watch. I was expecting an obvious reference to a “hangout spot” but I got nothing of the sort. In fact nothing. The only mention of the LES was when Kramer, a ridiculous idiot who gets lost downtown, calls his friend Jerry to come and rescue him from the phone booth he has found, opposite Ray’s Pizza and on the 1st Av, 1st St intersection. I thought I had hit the jackpot. Ray’s pizza? That must be it. Some strange hangout spot but you never know with the subtle language discrepencies here (crisps/chips, pizza/pie, nappies/diapers the list is endless). So I googled Ray’s Pizza. There are at least 46 varieties on the theme of Ray’s Pizza. Original Ray’s, Famous Ray’s and Famous Original Ray’s. There is even a wikipedia site highlighting this red herring of a clue! I was definitely moving to the colder end of the spectrum with this one. Back to google I went. I found the script for the episode and scoured it for clues. I was not getting anywhere just looking up words that might have been used as inspiration for a decent “hangout spot”. Until I found a site that caught my eye. Kenny Kramer (I was thinking it was the guy from the show) has his own website. He claims to be the real-life influence of the Seinfeld character Cosmo Kramer and with my utter ignorance that he was not technically IN the show I emailed him to ask for his help.

Dear Mr Kramer,

I am British and have just moved to New York City (and loving it.) I am currently involved in a challenge with one of my colleagues at work. He was tasked with finding Mars Bars (a surprisingly difficult task he tells me) and he has asked me the following:

The 175th episode of Seinfeld prompted the establishment of a LES New York hangout spot. Your mission is to identify the 4th item listed on their drink menu.

I am so stuck. I have ordered the final series on DVD from Netflix and watched “The Maid” and I am none the wiser. I thought it would be easy. I have read the transcript for the entire episode and he has given me another clue “it was erected after the show aired” and I was thinking it has something to do with “Now We’re Cookin” but I cant find anything like that online.

I am sure, as an obvious expert in this field, you could help me in one little emailing minute?

Please can you?

Yours gratefully,

His response:

Would love to help you but I don’t have a clue.  kk

URGH back to square one. So as I browse the internet again looking for clues/Jerry Seinfeld’s direct line, I have a brainwave. Why don’t I join the Seinfeld facebook group and ask the true fans? I did it. I posted a new discussion entitled “Trivia Help” and waited. I waited despairingly at times thinking that maybe I was going to fail in my first challenge after I had made some lovely krispie cakes with the Mars Bars he found for me (Mars Bars are not commonly found on this side of the Atlantic). And then Scott Weinstein replied. Great Scott. The three words I had been striving so hard to find: “The Nexus Lounge”.

Of course. When Kramer realises he is on a cross roads of 1st and 1st he thinks he has fallen off the face of the Earth.


“I’m on first and first. How can the same street intersect with itself? I must be at the nexus of the universe.”

And that my dear friends was the answer. The Nexus Lounge opened up shortly after the show aired and THAT WAS MY CLUE. Obscure just doesn’t do it justice. Well I did it. Nearly. Tonight I journey to the elusive hangout spot to discover the 4th drink on the menu. I am armed with my camera.


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