A tale of Lent and a Cadbury’s Creme Egg


I observed Lent once. Unsuccessfully. Maybe I should rephrase that. I attempted to observe Lent once. I believed at the time that my intake of chocolate could be seen as unhealthy and potentially abnormal for a female of my height and weight. And so in an effort to curb this unnatural consumption I thought, unhelpfully, that I should remove it from my diet completely. Kick the habit, so to speak. It would take approximately 4 weeks, which would ease me into a new more modest way of chocolate demolition. A more restrained diet of candy. Weaken my tolerance. With any luck dampen that milk and cocoa craving. Therefore, as I am never really known for my self-discipline in the eating department, especially when it comes to sugar, I felt that the rigid, official banner of Lent would lend well to a shot at this chocolate fast.

I was soon told by many that it would “just not do!” I was rapidly becoming a monster; going cold turkey. Whereas an alcoholic would suffer delirium tremens, I was lashing out irritably at my peers. I was rude and short tempered and had mild headaches that can only be attributed to my dependence on Cadbury’s. In particular perhaps, the Creme Egg?

It takes a strong will to refrain from Creme Egg gorging during the period of Lent. They are everywhere! It takes a better person than me to turn away from the rich purple teasing of the Cadbury’s brand. In fact it must surely take a saint?

So I agreed wholeheartedly with my nearest and dearest. I was indeed a better person with some chocolate in each hand. And so I quit the religious holiday of chocolate abstinence a few days after it had begun. And believe me when I say this. I have learned from my mistakes in this endeavour. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses. I am not a good singer. I cannot hold a note. And I will admit that to anyone who cares to listen. But I also cannot and WILL NOT live without chocolate. I would rather pound out that extra mile in the gym for one more Cadbury’s Creme Egg. It could be accurately remarked that I am relapsing and loving it!

Here in the city I have found one authentic source of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs (and by that I mean made by Cadbury’s and not Herschey’s pathetic effort in the matter). Tea and Sympathy will charge you a tidy sum for your Cadbury’s hit. But as all us Brits know. It will be worth it. Every last slurp.

A Creme Egg is for life and not just for Easter


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