How trivial can it get?


It seems to me after my last two posts that blogging is somewhat trivial. In fact if we judge this blog, for example, I have covered such topics as ice cream flavours, Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, a 2 hour (or so) visit to NYC by President Obama who I did not even catch a glimpse of or even attempt to, Alec Baldwin and his impending friendship with me driven by my need to photoshop his already photographed person with a certain extra individual who could best be described as ME.

The list is not endless (I have only submitted 28 posts at this point) but the triviality is diverse. I think I need to re-evaluate the purpose of my blogging. A self-obsessed venting of how much I enjoy sugar is not really adding to anyone’s day. Really my adventures have dwindled in recent weeks and I must revive them promptly before I feel the need to visit every cupcake establishment in the city in order to plot a graph of varying deliciousness for my reader(s).

Reader(s) (an optimistic s) I implore you to stick with me. I am feeling adventurous I promise. In fact I feel a bubbling of excitement as I plot my next move. Hang on in there.


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  1. Noooo I love the Cadbury’s creme egg updates, I am struggling through the barren wasteland that is lent and your total lack of self restraint with Cadbury’s products is strangely motivational! and also loved the accent mystery in the gym class episode, more geordie in New York tales if possible please!! DO NOT get high brow on me now Ashbridge!
    much love always, L xxx

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