The US Space Program: End of a Dream!


Philip Scott Andrews/The New York Times- read the full New York Times article here

Today, another monumental event happened in the Global History (other than me dining out at Restaurant Week July 2011). The US Space Shuttle Program landed for the last time after 30 years of space travel.

Named in my school year book as the “first person likely to fly in space” or “first person to become an astronaut” or some such ambitious claim, I have not been that optimistic, of late, that I could ever live up to that title, at least not in the US Program (I am not a citizen for one). However, I was still feeling wistful as these impressive images from the 19th and final landing at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center began to reawaken my long dormant aspirations of space travel. After all, I remember some key astronaut characteristics etched in my mind following years of teenage research: an astronaut needs to be at least in their late 20s. check. have a PhD. check. be physically fit or capable of becoming so with ease. check. have 20/20 vision. OH wait…. I KNEW there was something that steered me away from this career all those years ago!? However, beyond that probably the most crucial issue is one always needs a ride?

And looks like one such ride just landed for the last time. Sad face. But, as always, onwards and upwards… hopefully. Next stop, Russia?


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