The Aftermath


Eating through an earthquake and then sleeping right through the hurricane this week has been somewhat disappointing.

I tried to stay up for the big winds on Saturday night but instead responded to my drooping eyelids and soon I was fast asleep in my safe house, snug as a bug in a rug.

When I resurfaced a little late on Sunday morning I was highly frustrated to find that the excitement was well and truly over. The high winds had whistled through the skyscrapers briefly and heavy rainfall had created deep but manageable puddles, scattered across Manhattan. Elsewhere the damage had been more profound but for us the severe storm was over before it had even begun. A stroll around Central Park revealed fallen trees, overflowing bodies of water and an excited population unable to partake in normal Big Apple fun. We were left to wander in the blustery day and marvel at the aftermath of our first hurricane.

Irene from space!

The storm approaches

The trees had no chance. Nowhere to go!

Quite a bit of rain by the looks of it

Coney Island felt the brunt of Irene’s wrath


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