For the New Yorker Festival 2011 I would….


write a limerick??

I am newly informed that the much anticipated New Yorker Festival, showcasing the likes of Owen Wilson, Frank Gehry, Richard Dawkins, Steve Martin (of Father of the Bride plus sequel- a true legend in my household), Jeremy Irons, Roland Emmerich, Scissor Sisters and William H. Macy, is all but sold out! The list is much longer but in an effort to make this blog post concise I am going to provide a link for your perusal. Needless to say the list is STAR STUDDED.

Sold out? Well then readers, how am I supposed to get my hands on some fun-filled tickets for this hotly acknowledged event? Fret not. There is a back door. A door that lurks behind the successful writing of a comedic limerick that best represents my feelings on the festival. The New Yorker offers the key to a free round at the festival and here lie the rules:

Last year, you proved your Festival enthusiasm (and syllable-counting skills) in our Festival Haiku Contest. This year, we’re making the challenge a bit harder.

In the comments section below, please post your cleverest limerick about the Festival for a chance to win free tickets. Entries will be judged on wit, originality, and attention to meter. Points will be deducted for rhyming anything with “Nantucket.”

So, this is my chance. My chance to win over the editors and guarantee my spot at the Festival next week.

I began with a ditty on the subject of “Steve Martin movies we all know and love”

Steve Martin once had a big nose (Roxanne),

Yet next he was sporting some chaps (Parenthood),

I saw him once sew,

one enormous red bow,

around a house he had built for his girlfriend (Housesitter)

OK so that last bit didn’t rhyme at all so this was not going to be my entry. You try rhyming a word with chaps that has to END a sentence. I am flummoxed with that one.

Next up I thought I would express my true feelings about the subject matter. Desperation!

My last ditch effort at tickets,

For this wondrous event of the stars.

Has plagued my dreams,

neverending it seems.

To fail would for certain mean scars!

OK so Hemingway it is not. But I had an experimental disaster in the lab and this was the absolute best I could do under the busy circumstances.

Fingers crossed eh!? Or I may have to start scaling some theatre walls to get into this thing!


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  1. Well i thought “Flaps” from planes trains and automobiles 😀 i think flaps is a technical term in the aerospace industry?

    And also a word that makes me giggle

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