My Favourite Commercials


Last month the most viewed commercial by me (apart from that terrible Ocean Spray Blueberry Juice drink thing that plays on loop on my TV) was the one with the mini Darth Vader.

Perfection. His little hands are so cute and well placed. Great casting.

I enjoyed it so much that I even watched, more than once, the “Making of…” clips.

Classic advetising. Well done Volkswagen. If only I could drive. You would certainly have a new Volkswagen driver.

Now my current favourite, since it is raining heavily outside and so a lunchtime wander is out of the question, is the new Subaru commercial (advert to the homeland). This just makes me smile from ear to ear. And reminds me that if I ever get back in the driving seat the dad will probably be giving me the same advice, and then squish my little nose (that never grew) as an afterthought. For that, I thank you car companies for so effectively entertaining me this summer. But if I have to see that Taco Bell food fly around the screen one more time I will almost certainly get motion sick.


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