The Girl Effect


I posted The Girl Effect’s previous video in a blog post back in March.

This is one of their latest The Girl Effect videos. Usually I would waffle on in a blog-like manner about some inane topic, usually rooted in some form of sugary intake. But today, as I sit waiting for Friday afternoon to roll to a close, I felt inspired to blog some sense. And so this blog post needs no further introduction.

Just Pass it forward. Please.

It’s no big deal. Just the future of humanity

I found Kidan on Carrie Hensley’s blog. Read more on her site Free To Be Me.

Read Larkin Callaghan’s post on The Girl Effect here to get more information on where The Girl Effect sprung from and how awareness is so important.

And if you are not sufficiently moved by now (tough crowd) then check out The Nike Foundation’s “I dare you” video.

Now I dare you to sit back.

Go on. Pass it forward. You know you want to.


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