Friendly Fires


My first concert in the city (10 months in-oops) was this week. Invited by a new resident tourist in the city, let’s call him Giles, we ventured after work to the lonely food vacuum that is Hell’s Kitchen. Our venue for the night was a large warehouse get-up namely Terminal 5, resembling not at all an airport terminal but quite fitting nonetheless for a music venue.

Having never heard the band (this is no reflection on them I am somewhat clueless) I had eagerly caught up on their hotly admired repertoire in the pre-gig 48 hours build up. Quite the fan now I was a little too excited to see them in action and moreover actually to see what they look like. I was NOT to be disappointed. After a strange warm up act that managed to bring cousins and neighbours up on stage with them to bop around, the Friendly Fires entered stage left and I was delighted.

The lead singer, Mr Fires (aka Ed Macfarlane), was immediately the focus of my evening. His mesmerising, energy fueled (simply joyful) dance moves were the main spectacle. His extraordinary motion affected me greatly. It was verging on addiction by the end and I was unable to contain my delight at all. At points it was tantamount to hysteria.

Verdict on Friendly Fires? Impressive. The enthusiasm and clear love of the music was contagious and the crowd in Terminal 5 were as frenzied as the band.

It was a late school night but a memorable triumph overall.

I love you Mr Fires!


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