Halloween snowed out?


The Big Apple has seen a trace of snow as early as October 10, but the earliest measurable snow occurred on October 15, 1876. 

Yesterday, on October 29th, measurable snow was certainly.. well… measured. As I trampled through H&M in search of bright green tights, fitting of any self-respecting Robin Hood, I miraculously found a lovely woolly jumper. Not my intended purchase, but nevertheless, with my newly acquired tights in a shocking flavour of green and my warm woolly number I exited onto Lexington Avenue surprised to be now under a barrage of white pellets of cold. Streaming down from the sky, these icy gifts were determined that they had not arrived too soon. The population tended to disagree but alas to no avail. Measurable snow kept falling and I made an unofficial record of over 12 hours of downpour. Not the optimal situation for a green tights’ outing (but let’s just say that jumper must have been fate? and not simply a shopping weakness on my part).

Halloween, yes the holiday of death, brujas (witches in Spanish-I am still working on that) and all things sinister, is shockingly huge in this country. I was quite amazed. Wandering the streets of the Big Pumpkin I was greeted by Mario (of Nintendo fame), various tellytubbies, masks of Family Guy’s Stewie and Shreks galore. Basically all manner of insanity being beaten down by the snow.

Most of the time I am unphased by the plethora of oddly attired people treading the streets of this great city, but last night was brilliant. I could play “Are they dressed up?” on the subway, which basically involves me guessing to myself whether the person is in “costume” or merely day wear (a game originally devised by me). This is a much preferable game to “Look at that rat! Ooh there’s one!”, which is a common distraction I have played many a late night waiting for my ride home.

But, you are probably wondering if my green tights got their special outing? They didn’t. They remained hidden beneath my cosy jeans and I made my way home, accompanied by a fully grown clown, a bee keeper and his bees and some cold looking couples who clearly didn’t prepare themselves for a Halloween of snowy slush.


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