Occupy Wall Street


As the sun sets on this Thursday (aka Thursday slump) the lights come on in the Chrysler Building. Hanging in the air are 4 helicopters. Far away downtown from my lab like dragonflies waiting.

2 days ago Zuccotti Park was evacuated. A private space not owned by the city the rules are different. There is no law against tents, sleeping bags and occupying the park indefinitely but the authorities have had enough and on Tuesday morning the police rolled over the occupation with no mercy. Zuccotti Park was emptied. Forcibly.

But they are not impressed. As you can well imagine and tonight as the city officials prepared for protest mayhem the tension in the air is palpable!

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital released the following:

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are planning on occupying multiple subway stops beginning at 3:00 p.m. throughout the five boroughs.

Below please find information from the group’s website, including a list of designated “hub” subway stations identified as designated protest sites, a plan for a large gathering in Union Square at 5PM and indication of plans to march NYC area bridges this evening.

  • Bronx
    • Fordham Rd
    • 3rd Ave, 138th Street
    • 163rd and Southern Blvd
    • 161st and River – Yankee Stadium
  • Brooklyn
    • Broadway Junction
    • Borough Hall
    • 301 Grove Street
    • St Jose Patron Church,185 Suydam St, Bushwick
  • Queens
    • Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave.
    • Jamaica Center/Parsons/Archer
    • 92-10 Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights
  • Manhattan
    • 125th St. A,B,C,D
    • Union Sq. (Mass student strike)
    • 23rd St and 8th Ave
  • Staten Island
    • St. George, Staten Island Ferry Terminal
    • 479 Port Richmond Avenue, Port Richmond

Take The Square – 5:00 p.m.

At 5 pm, tens of thousands of people will gather at Foley Square (just across from City Hall) and then march to the bridges.

Thank you.

Better go to the movies then!


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