Thursday slump


Hello Dear Readers,

Today I speak to you from the almost comfy chair in my lab procrastinating about all the many things I need to complete. First off, I need to update my lab book. A dedication I value highly and definitely owe all to my mother, who has drilled into her girls a love of school work. From an early age, we were made aware of the importance of neat and tidy working. Schoolbooks were covered immediately with clear sticky plastic to avoid doggy ends ruining their look. Heaven forbid if a bubble formed, tarnishing the perfection that we strived to attain. Tears would probably ensue. Our stationary boxes were full of misplaced office supplies from our mother’s workplace. Brand new highlighters, pencils and pens with rubbery handles for comfort. Staplers, post it notes and pads and pads of lined paper so that we could feel free to be creative in the academic sphere. No thought for the poor trees. Our satchel would always be flat. No backpacks for us. We respected the need for ordered piles. No strewn uneven resting places. After all clear plastic can only do so much. One also needs to maintain a calm and equilibrated environment for the books.

So as I sit looking at my agonisingly nearly up to date lab notes I wonder why today I am not so keen to get stuck in. Selotape at the ready, protocols eager to be documented, highlighter pens on guard.

I open my blog. Sit for a moment with nothing to say and consider how best to approach this post.

I also need to write a few emails that require more thought than waffling about my To Do list. I need to make a list of appropriate cell lines for my next experiment, which will require a little trip to another lab to gather the information. Not an option today. How bizarre. I need to relabel an experiment that was not dealt with efficiently yesterday evening as I bolted up to Harlem for a squash match, rainy darkness outside grinding transport to a halt. I probably should read a paper on chromatin. Probably best not to read it in this frame of mind though. So I won’t.

I type a couple of paragraphs in my blog wondering, since no planning was done prior to the first word, where I might be going with this. What is my angle? Will I have a closing statement that can round off the piece concisely so that I can get on with the tasks at hand? The tasks I am getting paid for?

I daydream about my week. It is Thursday at least and the weekend is close approaching. I will have writing class, more squash and a strange and hopefully wonderful event in Brooklyn that is as mysterious to me as it probably will be to you, the reader. Sorry if I could expand I would. I think Sunday will be a day of rest and a review of the weird and curious “The Danger

You are invited to an all night interactive tableau of liquor and fire, beauty and grace and the indelicate story of the closing of TheDanger (and the start of something new.) This event is an intimate ode to you, the city we love and the gorgeous nights you make worthwhile.

Dozens of performers spread across two epic spaces hidden deep within the dark corners of Brooklyn. You will begin in a historic former factory in South Brooklyn between Red Hook and Gowanus. From there you will be transported, in style, to the second location: a luscious speakeasy that is too delicate to reveal publicly.

Maybe I should get on with the day. Thursday slump is inevitable and so I must embrace it!


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