New Year’s Eve in the Big Bad Apple


I must admit from the outset. I didn’t see the dropping ball. And I apologise for that. I feel like I have failed in my “all-action” professional tourist endeavours. But first let me explain.

On the eve of 2012 I was travelling back from the other side of the pond and as you know.. it takes a little while. So by the time I extracted myself from my economy seat, after what can only be described as a long haul, and made my way swiftly back to my island, I was rather under-motivated to sparkle myself up and venture back out into the dark night. However, plans had been made and so after a swift unpacking and a shower to awaken my sluggish self I made my way to Korea Town for a sing song.

Korea Town is centred on a section of 32nd Street between Fifth Avenue and Broadway officially titled “Korea Way”. A business hub by day and food extravaganza by night we were booked into an altogether different activity. Tonight we were not going to be indulging in Korean barbeque (although that is on my To Do list), we were going to perform to a packed out room (mainly due to it’s size) in the singalong pursuit known as karaoke.

For the more avid readers this will resurrect memories of one of my earliest adventures in the city. An event that culminated in me jumping on stage, in the Stonewall Inn, in front of a small to medium sized incredibly camp audience of wannabe performers to squawk out a sort of rendition of the Funny Girl classic “Don’t Rain on my Parade”. The room was stunned in utter amazement that I had tackled such a feat. It left some speechless and others desiring that I too disengaged my vocal cords for fear of broken glass or the like. However, never a quitter, I took this New Year opportunity to reawaken my ambitions of Broadway musical stardom and proceeded to destroy Billy Joel masterpieces, strain my voice box through the best of Whitney Houston and perform, for the children not in attendance, a wonderful interpretation of Disney’s “Under the Sea”. My pièce de résistance was undoubtedly the near perfect execution of Chicago’s ‘When you’re good to mama”. For this number I was on my feet. I was dramatic as if on the Ambassador Theatre stage and was truly loyal to the award winning screen production where Queen Latifah made her mark on that great work. Another great staging was my take on Tom Jones’ “It’s not unusual”. Oh boy I let myself loose on that one despite lacking the typical dulcet tones the Welsh are so renowned for. In fact, rumour has it that there is a recording of said performance circulating the internet but that is simply cheap gossip and must be left well alone.

In conclusion, I was lost in my own singalong world and despite being minutes away from the famous NYC action I was probably croaking away as the clock struck midnight. Hello 2012 in the Big Bad Apple.



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