Valentine’s Day in a Commerical Wonderland


Will there be anything in the post? Do I even care?

Ha silly question. Of course I do. I want all of the chocolates and I really love flowers (hint hint), even though they die all too soon. So, this disgusting display of over sentimental fluff that is being bulldozed over the city (and world) today is absolutely fooling me.

So far I have done pretty well. A red Gatorade for breakfast. A card from one of the girls at work who printed it off in front of me. Pink Champagne for our special lunch at the Rockefeller University (surrounded by really old Nobel Prize winners. Who said romance was dead?) and an insane amount of squidgy chocolate cake. Delusional bliss.

Saint Valentine. Go you.

True love is either a violin playing goat OR two elephants having a smooch. Probably.


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