Marie’s Crisis


You probably remember my debut in the West Village a while back. A Barbara Streisand classic no less on the Stonewall Inn karaoke stage. Unfortunately it was not that big break moment for me but that is probably because I can’t sing a note in tune.

But never one to give up on a dream, and it being a Friday night, I jumped at the chance of a singalong piano bar dedicated solely to show tunes.

A crowded bar just off Sheridan Square, Marie’s Crisis welcomes a clientele of musical junkies. From My Fair Lady magnificence to Disney’s The Little Mermaid  (note this video has the singalong words you definitely need a click). We had Sound of Music tunes, Mary Poppins’ supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and of course the leg kicking cell block perfection of Chicago’s All That Jazz.

Truly the happiness in the air was palpable. Grins on all their faces as we eagerly belted out the oldies and the goodies.

Waitresses stepped in to silence the audience with unsurprising ease

and I absolutely concur with Eliza Doolittle. I could have danced (and sung) ALL night. Oh no wait. I did.

And we are on the subject of singalongs I would just like to put out a little number that the sister and I love a bit too much!? Hercules is truly the unsung hero in Disney flicks (pardon the pun). Ahhhh musicals. You make my heart sing but luckily no one can hear that.


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