Affectionately called “Face Smashing Time”


It is 4am now. I am not asleep as I probably should be but I figure I won’t need to be much awake for the activities of the 1st May 2012. Dramatic? Me? Surely not.

At least the birds are awake. Best part of the day some say. Not usually me however and I think being asleep would be my preferable option right now. The orange glow of a cloudy Big Apple sky hovers over the city that never sleeps. Speaking of which, I wouldn’t mind an apple right now. Starving. Mainly because I was told no food after midnight. No I dont want an apple. If I had a choice I think I would have a cheese danish from Le Pain Quotidien. It is sort of breakfast time. I could definitely put away a full English fry up too. But alas it is not to be. Crunching on buttery toast will be have to be a hazy dream sequence for a few weeks. And then you’ll just have to hold me back. Crispy bacon. You don’t stand a chance.

In 2 hours or so it is OR time for me (fingers crossed for dishy George Clooney lookalike). Operating Room 3rd floor. Same Day Surgery.

I have not been nervous about this whole furore but now, slightly delirious with lack of sleep, I am imagining all the possible pitfalls my surgeons might face (Accidental pun. Check me out in the early hours!) Silly really. I should be thankful for the carpentry Dr B is going to perform ON MY FACE. And yet I am wondering whether this was  totally necessary?

After all Bugs Bunny still made it?

Right. 4:21am. Maybe a little snack?


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