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It’s Bill Withers Day (unofficially)



Spot on Bill. I could certainly direct traffic listening to this.

Long hours at work =


Blog time! I know. Lucky you right!? Well I have a deadline on Friday. Hundreds of samples processed in triplicate need to be finished by the weekend and fully analysed. I am a little overwhelmed and so no adventures for me this week. Sort of. I am such a mysterious cheeky charlie am I not?

As my acrylamide gel runs steadily along I am reminded that my first trip back to the orthodontist on Monday is causing me more grief than face smashing ever did. In fact, Dr Orthodontist was so kind as to remove the surgical braces (=ugly) and replace them with the lovely, discreet white wire that I have grown to “love”. Nevertheless, she was a bit of a tease. In exchange for relieving me of the obvious metallic wiring in my mouth she put in place some unsightly elastic bands. Now I look like Fang. Rubbish.

Well one shouldn’t complain. Practicing all the talking is clearly going to go to waste now. My mouth tied back together and my teeth raw nervy prongs, I am back to the softest of soft food. A little step back from the impending modelling career (of toothpaste). But I am hopeful. As always, I hope you’ll agree. Of course, I can still afford posh deli goodness from Upper East Side establishments. Small blessings. Truly, I have soup coming out of my ears. Snazzy, luxurious soup that is. I drink chocolate milk as if my life depended upon it. Anyone see Men in Black 3? Will Smith and I have plenty in common and chocolate milk is one of them. Big arms is another. Only difference there is that we both prefer to see them on Big Willie Style.

This experiment is truly like watching paint dry. But luckily I have Gawker and despite not having HBO I really feel connected to that “Girls” show now. Not sure it is what Lena Dunham would have wanted as my only experience of her show is through the eyes of Hamilton Nolan . He does amuse me though, with his little rants about rich white girls and their connections in the biz of show.

Had a little trying on splurge in Bloomingdales. Second from the left is my current desire. Will just have to save up those cents then!

In other news my new obsession with nail polish is becoming troublesome. I am so intoxicated by my own finger nails I keep changing up the colour. The resulting mixtures are less than sublime. But these minor issues in the field of life are just some of the Wednesday thoughts I can/am choosing to share with you.

Who said blogging was trivial!?

What is the best thing about Wednesday morning on the UES?


The dancing traffic warden of course.

After a failed attempt at a sneaky iPhone video shoot, I will have to resort to good old wordsmithery to describe to you the joy that is the “dancing traffic warden” on 63rd street (between 1st and York Av).

As she ushers the cars onto some big road that sweeps alongside the East River that bum gets a wiggling. Oh yes, that sizeable bot-tom shakes its funky self to the imaginary music that lives inside her body. In fact, the hand-waving not only indicates when cars should power through and when they should halt, it also offers a boogi-licious alternative to the morning commute for drivers and pedestrians alike. Furthermore, from a stupor of half asleep plodding she generates upright smiling and purposeful walking humans, and doubtless even some finger tapping on the steering wheels of those Big Apple drivers.

EVERYONE livens up at this junction.

I actually felt like I had a soundtrack to my journey and if I could guess what song she was shaking to. I would guess the following:

Bill Withers is genius. You are wide awake now too I hope!

Anything Goes


I have not hidden my less than enthusiastic expectations for this musical. But with no reason whatsoever in fact. I just thought it was a bit too light on the sing songs and not one of “those classics” (see My Fair Lady, The Lion King, Chicago etc.)

But, since I found a good deal, at 8pm last Saturday night, dressed to the nines, I was ready for another camp Broadway experience. Divine. And boy was I wrong about this one. It was genius in fact. And I knew a surprising number of the songs, which only added to my amusement.

Anything Goes is truly delightful. Yes it definitely is De-lovely (see score).

Does it get any more beautiful than Mitzi Gaynor??? I think not. OK let’s have another clip of her looking spectacular

As usual I found myself madly in love with the lead (fickle as I am) and watching him trot around the stage (read cruise ship) was delicious.

And funny? Oh yes it was terribly funny. Joel Grey would have stolen the show if it hadn’t been for Mr “Billy Crocker” English and the wonderful Stephanie “Reno Sweeney” J. Block who had us all dancing in the aisles (or at least dreaming of it). This was a heavenly 2 and half hours and once again I was asked (politely) to resist shimmying down the streets of Midtown on our exit.

Please Beth. Do not swing around that lamppost and hop over that fire hydrant while all the time showcasing your interpretation of jazz hands and high kicks?

And for the finale I could have “tap” danced all night (oops wrong musical but you know they do get me all of a tither)