Anything Goes


I have not hidden my less than enthusiastic expectations for this musical. But with no reason whatsoever in fact. I just thought it was a bit too light on the sing songs and not one of “those classics” (see My Fair Lady, The Lion King, Chicago etc.)

But, since I found a good deal, at 8pm last Saturday night, dressed to the nines, I was ready for another camp Broadway experience. Divine. And boy was I wrong about this one. It was genius in fact. And I knew a surprising number of the songs, which only added to my amusement.

Anything Goes is truly delightful. Yes it definitely is De-lovely (see score).

Does it get any more beautiful than Mitzi Gaynor??? I think not. OK let’s have another clip of her looking spectacular

As usual I found myself madly in love with the lead (fickle as I am) and watching him trot around the stage (read cruise ship) was delicious.

And funny? Oh yes it was terribly funny. Joel Grey would have stolen the show if it hadn’t been for Mr “Billy Crocker” English and the wonderful Stephanie “Reno Sweeney” J. Block who had us all dancing in the aisles (or at least dreaming of it). This was a heavenly 2 and half hours and once again I was asked (politely) to resist shimmying down the streets of Midtown on our exit.

Please Beth. Do not swing around that lamppost and hop over that fire hydrant while all the time showcasing your interpretation of jazz hands and high kicks?

And for the finale I could have “tap” danced all night (oops wrong musical but you know they do get me all of a tither)


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