What is the best thing about Wednesday morning on the UES?


The dancing traffic warden of course.

After a failed attempt at a sneaky iPhone video shoot, I will have to resort to good old wordsmithery to describe to you the joy that is the “dancing traffic warden” on 63rd street (between 1st and York Av).

As she ushers the cars onto some big road that sweeps alongside the East River that bum gets a wiggling. Oh yes, that sizeable bot-tom shakes its funky self to the imaginary music that lives inside her body. In fact, the hand-waving not only indicates when cars should power through and when they should halt, it also offers a boogi-licious alternative to the morning commute for drivers and pedestrians alike. Furthermore, from a stupor of half asleep plodding she generates upright smiling and purposeful walking humans, and doubtless even some finger tapping on the steering wheels of those Big Apple drivers.

EVERYONE livens up at this junction.

I actually felt like I had a soundtrack to my journey and if I could guess what song she was shaking to. I would guess the following:

Bill Withers is genius. You are wide awake now too I hope!


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