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The London Olympics (and all those gushy ads)


So I really enjoyed the Opening Ceremony last night. Well done Danny Boyle. It was ever so British. Highlights for me included those Industrial Revolution towers rising out of the Olympic Stadium, the Mary Poppins’ floating down from wherever all those Mary Poppins come from, Mr Bean and his rubbery expressions and the lovely copper petal things making the Olympic cauldron.

Loved David Beckham on his speed boat and of course the Queen/James Bond scene. It was emotional (not that it takes much with me) when Steve Redgrave ran that torch into the stadium and gave it to the lucky 7 youngsters who finally lit the cauldron. That was the beginning of the choking up I would say. So today, lying on my sofa and watching the ad-overflowing coverage of specifically the Women’s Volleyball I continue to be plagued by a couple of juicy eyes. Nope I am not over-reacting and I’ll prove it. The tear-jerking success stories have been narrowed down to two biggies. Enjoy a good cry to the P&G ad for mums (moms technically)

Want to just go find a “mom” and hug her. Nearly did in the lift earlier when collecting my laundry. Probably would have been one of my more awkward moments so I decided to store that hug up for Thursday when I see the original mummy. Mine.

And now for the Nike contribution to the weep fest. hashtag find greatness. Yes very good.

Probably should sneak out to the kitchen for a distracting tea break when the ads come round. Otherwise this mascara on my lashes won’t be here for much longer!

Va Va Voom


A visit to the Red Bulls stadium this weekend. To watch none other than Monsieur Thierry Henry. Surely his superior skills in the company of American “footballers” would make for a delightful showcase.

Erm… not so much. I think it must be pretty difficult to perform when the ball is moving at a snail’s pace. It must be frustrating to be unable to predict your teammates’ moves. Well they don’t know where it is going to go either. It would be tough to score in the box when outside the box is chaos and the service is dire. Poor Thierry. Poor poor Thierry Henry with his $14 million triplex in SoHo. We did feel sorry for him.

English Flag bearer with his mohawk “do” stepping out of line

The Red Bulls stadium has a good showing

Thierry Henry. Need I say more?

After a frustrating match Henry sets up the winning goal. He couldn’t make it any easier for his team mate. We were all relieved he didn’t fluff it!

Daily Commute by Sister Architect


At 8.58am I leave my house in the sewing school and head down the road to my office at SAFE (as part of an Engineers Without Borders project). A two minute commute to work is quite a first… If I have had a sugary tea with fresh cows milk, I can do it in under one minute!

Keep up the good work sister. If anyone wants to get involved please contact Jo through her website. Or simply follow her along her journey. In between cactus harvesting, bamboo building and brick forming she is actively looking for funding to carry on all the great work she plans to do out there.

Because if anyone needs flood and wind proof housing I think Bangladesh deserves that attention!