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Bow Ties and an Inconsistent View on the World and Universe (a lot to take in on a Friday. I know)


My sort of bow tie. Roll on Black Tie weekend (if Daniel Craig attends that is)



I love a good bow tie! Way to go Bill “The Science Guy” Nye.

Jam Roly Poly and Custard


After disappearing off the blogosphere for a while as I travelled about visiting Europe, watching my best friend get married and sunning myself on a lilo in the Mediterranean Sea, I am finally back. And with plenty to comment on.

First off, the BIG WEDDING. Congratulations to Becca and Davide on a master class in wedding days. Who would have thought that preparing ALL the food, flowers, literature, table dressings and general details of perfection would come so easy to my wonderful best friend from Northumberland. Well… we sort of all did, didn’t we.

There were cakes in abundance (see, which were prepared in advance. Homemade fudge that calls to me. Sleeping is no longer an option until I am reunited with a cube. And the most beautiful flowerful setting of Cambo in the heart of the Northumberland National Park. And no (directed at the Americans) that is not a made up place from Harry Potter’s dreams. And no it is not another name for Brigadoon. Cheeky monkeys.

This was one of those days where you have so many feelings (and only the good ones) that you think you might burst with happiness. The bride and director of events was truly resplendent in her dress and she absolutely set the bar (possibly as high as the pole vault and only accessed as such) for all future weddings, including my own.

Hmmm… might have to steal some of those ideas then…. I do so love a pork pie!

The Wedding Pork Pie (obviously)

Next up. Olympics. One word. Nicework! You can spot a Brit now from a mile off. That goofy pride grin. Go Danny Boyle. Go Mr Bean and huge congratulations for the 65 Medal wins (29 Gold) that put us into a magnificent 3rd place on the leaderboard! Bursting with pride over here for Team GB.

The European tour continues. Next stop Italy. Amalfi Coast to be exact. A break from science and from the bustling, sleep depriving Big Apple. We chose to swim around our airbed (around 3 times) for exercise (oh and climb Mount Vesuvius after a quick wander through the 2000 year old city of Pompeii). 31 deg Celsius and some leather sandals on my feet and I was happy as can be and chomping on those flavourful tomatoes that you can only find on the continent in the glorious sunshine.

Post Mount Vesuvius

And now I have returned stateside. Straight back into the swing of things both at work and in play. But today, one lone thought has been plaguing me. Not how to get through this experiment without another instrument crashing moments before I require it (although if that could be sorted more’s the better). And not how am I going to motivate my legs to endure again in that torture room that is known as “Spin class”.

It is simple, repetitive and overwhelming.

Where can I get my hands on some REAL Jam Roly Poly and Custard? It has come to my attention that I have not seen a Jam Roly Poly at all in my almost constant sugar search in the US, and for some reason today it has become apparent that this cannot and will not continue. Jam Roly Poly (squidgy in nature and creamy in custard) speak up. Let me hear you call me to your side so I can devour you without thought or care to my health. Please.

A final thought