Things I have in common with Princess Kate


I can quite understand your curiosity. What does a commoner like me possibly have in like with a real life Princess?

Well let me list a few of the ways for you and clear this all up.

1) We both have long brown hair (Well it’s true. And no one will know how true to Nature these browns really are. Because I lady does not reveal her beauty secrets)

2) We both mix with the rich and famous. For instance only a couple of weeks ago I went to the theatre with Emily Blunt!

3) We both often (in the loose sense of the word) appear in glossy tabloid magazines (true, she is on the front cover and the ONE time I appear in Hello I don’t get a lot of page coverage)

Hello front cover

Congratulations to the Royal couple

Hello photo shoot

Can you spot me? I am the one NOT getting married!

And now that I have revealed the true purpose of this post do I need to go on? Well alright then. Let’s see if I can make it to 10 points of commonality shall we?

4) We both went to Rah universities. I was surrounded by the home counties in Durham and Princess Kate at the golfing centre of St Andrews

5) We both have a strong history in modelling. Kate was able to secure the attentions of the future King of England with her strut down the catwalk. I, on the other hand, tottered down a school stage with a cardboard guitar stuck to my head (don’t ask), and was far to young to be securing any future husband.

6) We both get frizzy hair in humid conditions (well who doesn’t I hear you cry?)

Did I ever once state that these similarities were unique to Kate and I?

7) We have both been “voted” Duchess of Cambridge over our illustrious careers. Granted, Princess Kate is by royal appointment and I just made it up. I could only be nominated and seconded by myself.

8) Both Princess Kate and I have a clear passion for the finer things in life. I, despite my current low funds, refuse to shoot lower than Wholefoods and a $200 Broadway show.

9) We both enjoy lounging on yachts. Of course I don’t get to indulge as often as I would like.

And finally? (You are amazed I made it this far aren’t you!?)

10) Princess Kate and I are….. British….? (no wait that is desperate. I can do better than that.) We are…? nothing really alike! There I said it.

But I was in Hello magazine this week supporting my wonderful best dude on her magnificent wedding day. And that is pride enough for me.


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