The last summer holiday of my 20s


I rightly admit that this is a rather grand title for this blog post. But I have been silent in these parts for a while now and thought I better reintroduce my blog voice with a punchy headline. Catch your waning attention perhaps!?

After a short (OK quite lengthy) repose, I have returned to the blogosphere midway through the FINAL SUMMER OF MY 20s! With old careers ending and new peeking over the horizon, I have been in a bit of flux these past months. Part of the kerfuffle involved relocating back to the UK for the summer before I begin again, with renewed force in the Big Apple. This time mixing with the journalistic glitterati in Renzo Piano’s magnificent skyscraper, the New York Times Building. By Jove am I excited!!

But before I step back into the fray that is the bustling urban chaos of NYC, I must sit and ponder in my village back in the North East of England (read: wait for my visa to start). However, timing wise, everything has worked out quite spectacularly for our family. My wandering sister also returned from her wonderful work in Bangladesh to join me in this pause before our new jobs begin in the cities of New York and London. So what are we doing with ourselves with all this time allocated to pensive activities? Well eating of course. Healthy style.

Not only is my sister a provider of shelter but she is also a self-confessed horticultural genius. And so her budding garden, prepared lovingly during her last trip home, and maintained superbly by the matriarch of the house, is in full bloom upon our return.


A lettuce patch interspersed with chive, lemon balm and salad burnet (a slightly random but nevertheless, endearing herb)


Pots of herby goodness, thriving in our patioed back garden: greek basil, basil basil, parsley and mint

Little Toms

Tomatoes in father’s greenhouse creation. A gift to the mother.


The beginning of a torrent of corn. See later for the continuation of that saga!


Bags of potatoes. These homegrown pots make for magnificent mash.

So with this basis in soil, our family is prepared for a summer of culinary living. So let’s get on with it!

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