I want to write this down before I forget. I heard a great idea for a Wedding List. Instead of all the standard bath towels and kitchen essentials what about a book? Just imagine starting out married life complete with the most wonderful library. A library chosen for you by your loved ones and greatest friends.

The idea. Instead of getting me a tablecloth please choose for me your favourite book. It can be a book from your childhood or even from your adulthood but it has to be great. You need to have been moved, have warm fuzzy feelings when you see the cover or even  get goose bumps when you hear a line read from it. In short: it needs to stand out from all other books you have read. And being the bride on a day dedicated to me I also MUST HAVE a note posted in the front cover so when I open this book and when my children open this book in years to come we are welcomed into your fiction (or non-fiction) with a few words from you. That way we will begin our journey into your world with you in mind.

So, although I am not getting married anytime soon I thought it might be fun to review the books I am reading along the way. Catalogue my literary experiences in Manhattan and as I find my feet become engulfed in stories learning more about myself along the way I hope.

Furthermore, it gives me the motivation to get up and get out to that Barnes & Noble bookstore and read. Because what is better than getting lost in someone else’s fiction. NOTHING beats a good story.

And as I am currently in the City I should maybe take some inspiration, fashion wise, from Carrie Bradshaw.















However, since the wedding may not come for a good few years yet, I needed to find a novel (pardon the pun) way of cataloging my reading in the city.

So to record my ever growing book shelf my sister Jo created a website of all things that inspire us in literature. Check out the book reviews, text posts, photographs, links, quotes and videos on our ever expanding International Book Club website.

Keep up to date with what books make the cut and so much more as we share our discoveries with our global community. Feel free to get involved by posting your riveting word-y finds or just simply play along and read the books with us.

We have also created a Twitter account for brief, rapid logging of thoughts and ideas. Search @ringwithtolstoy to follow this everyone-inclusive book club online.

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