Lauren is a young designer living in NYC. She is writing a blog about being young, on a budget and living in this city. Well.. I thought… isn’t that just perfect for little old me. Fourth Floor Walk Up

I love cakes. Don’t you? And when times are tough and one needs to make ones own cakes the next 2 websites are a perfect place to start. And they work with American ingredients and American “cup” sizes so little British Be-Ro, I’m sorry but you are going to have to sit in my cupboard until I come home again. OK? Lottie and Doof and Recipe Rifle

The next website is a little bit posh. But sometimes even a Northern girl has to live the posh life. Hey I don’t even know who I am talking to I am clearly the posh-est Geordie you and I both know! I shop in Whole Foods don’t I and live in Manhattan? 101 Cookbooks




My institute has some great talks weekly and when you consider Cornell and Rockefeller University too. Well now that is just something for everyone. Rockefeller University Tri-Institutional Talks

I like the humour bits in The New Yorker. And the film reviews. Not too long so I get little snack-sized reading in between pipetting some water/cells. The New Yorker

The standard read in the city. I might even find a spontaneous show/concert that could change my life! The New York Times

This website is great. It makes NYC come alive. The heart of the city is beating in real time as the spies are watching you and your literature. And I ALWAYS use the F train. Cover Spy

The New York City ultimate guide. An extensive website giving me all the inside information on what to eat, see, shop and visit in the city. A section on monthly activities, newly opened restaurants and shops and reviews on every activity you might care to indulge in. After all I did find “An evening of discussion with Dionne Warwick” here. nycgo


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