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Bookcrossing 101


This is my first attempt at Book crossing. Releasing books into the wild, to travel great distances and being enjoyed along the way. “Little Bee” by Chris Cleave and “The Clothes on their Backs” by Linda Grant were first registered on the website www.bookcrossing.com and allocated individual BCID numbers. Bookclub stickers and internal leaflets with slogans such as “I’M FREE! I’m not lost” and “You’ve caught a travelling book” were adhered to the inside and outside covers and then ‘the release’ date was chosen and a plan was set in motion.

As a BookCrossing ‘Giver’ you can choose to set your books free as a ‘controlled release’ to a friend or stranger or as a ‘wild release’ on a park bench, in a train station, in a coffee shop… The list is endless. A ‘wild release’ is perhaps a more risky approach…but definitely the more entertaining one.

First off I was able to secure a successful ‘controlled release’ to a writing class buddy. She hails from New Jersey and was eager to whip “Little Bee” out of my clutches early in the day. However, settled in the fact that I had managed to get my first book out of the State with such minimal effort I was keen for the excitement of a “wild release” for the second novel.

Installed on a bench in Washington Square Park, our novel of choice lay in wait. On the opposite side of the walkway, Giles and I took up position as booky spies, ready to snap up photographs of any prospective book receivers. We waited. Hipsters came and went as the bright sunshine illuminating Manhattan began to fade. We watched as student types approached the lonely literature and inspected our sticky additions. “I’m not lost. I’m free” the book exclaimed. And yet each time they placed it back on its perch. Deflated after a stream of excited potentials let us down we began to feel the chilly evening drawing in. And I wanted to go shopping in SoHo. So finally getting my own way we wandered off, taking one last glance at our gift to the literary-minded.

On returning to Washington Square Park a few hours later we found the bench empty. No evidence of a struggle and no sign of any impromptu fires or floods. Success. We hope.

by  Roey Ahram

by Roey Ahram

If you want to get involved in Bookcrossing I highly recommend it. It is a very satisfying endeavour so check out the website.

You can also follow our recent releases on our bookclub website into the ring with tolstoy. Just scroll down and see them travel.