Spring has Sprung…


… well nearly.

I want daffodils, sunshine, daffodils, light, tulips, dry pavements, daffodils and I want to hang my winter coat up once and for all!

What I got instead, when I woke up on the first day of Spring 2011, was a very soggy day. Cold rain sneaking under my umbrella. My hands attempting a retreat into my coat sleeves because my winter gloves were recently retired for the year and so no longer travel along with me in my handbag. The tram/cable car swaying (in a fun way!?!?!) as we tootle alongside the Queensborough Bridge to Manhattan. Powering up the East Side, brolly as my only line of defense against the torrent, I contemplated what Spring might be like when it finally arrives. Beautiful flowers (for example daffodils), lambs hopping by in between the yellow cabs, daffodils in bloom, sunlight and blue skies and a lighter wardrobe of dresses and thin cardigans. A legitimate reason for a trip to Bloomingdales sans sale!

I guess I will just have to hold on a few days more. Maybe Spring doesn’t realise it has been sprung quite yet!


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