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Absolutely Dwellable!


So it is that time of year again. The back end of winter with an occasional, but not too frequent, sunny day. The rest of them are soggy and cold and I HAVE HAD ENOUGH (stomps foot).

Roll on summer I say. Or at least Spring for more than 24 hours at a time?

With a little over 2 months between jobs, I have decided to spend my free summer-planning time (I’ll admit it: time could be more productively spent reading academic papers) working on where to go and when. Two summers ago, my family and I “vacationed” (as the Americans prefer it) up on Cape Cod. Rustic beaches, white picket fences (see post on all things Cape), fresh fish and chips and those pies! So this year we are looking for a more exotic destination. A little less North East coast and a little more grass skirt?

I just thought of Hawaii.


Sold? I am

Yes I did. Just popped into my head. Just like that.

But I am new to this playful search for the perfect family trip and so have employed the use of the new spangly Dwellable app (because ‘all things iPhone’ amuses me).

First of all they got me right in the mood. Who doesn’t enjoy a real live water washing up on sand moving image?

With the rain dribbling down the window pane outside, a beach scene is all I need to get into character. I can just picture myself. Lounging about, upturned coconut beverage in one hand, the other providing shade from the bright sunlight as I watch other holiday goers frolick in the sea. I dont need a woolly scarf with this backdrop. Nor do I need an umbrella, or a Wellington boot (look it up Americans), and not at all would I find a cut off glove, fingers poking out, of any utility. No no no. Grass skirt with bikini for decency is all I need. And Dwellable is here to help. I can almost run through my day on the beach, taxing though it is not, while simultaneously searching for the perfect rental.

Dwellable iphone

Love a snazzy app to make a cool day warmer

Loads of images, easy filters to get straight to the point (budget-wise and more) and all the necessary clicks to discover the holiday destination of my dreams and book with the owner. Really very nice Dwellable. Really VERY nice.

friendly Hawaiian sea turtle at Laniekea, north shore, 2002

My new friend says hey

And now with summer in mind, my ability to match up destination to calendar to price and then sealing the deal all in one swoop, click, swoop and then click, I can get onto the superfluous business of working out a water sport of choice.

Windsurfing anyone?

Hanks and I


Last night, after months of New York City living, meeting many of my screen and stage heroes, I finally got to sit in a Broadway theater and watch my lifelong love Mr Tom Hanks.



From Nora Ephron’s Sleepless in Seattle

For a hint to my emotional state, minutes before the curtains went up on Nora Ephron’s Lucky Guy, I refer you to an older blog post.

Tom Hanks’ Thumb

Well then. Now you can better picture the smile on my face when that familiar Tom Hanks voice hit me in real life. A smile that remained planted there for nearly 2 hours as I sat marveling at how close I was to someone so strangely valuable from my childhood memories.

The play itself was OK. Based on the true story of 1980s tabloid news journalist Mike McAlary, we were told the tales of his rise to fame and Pulitzer through the anecdotes of his peers. I quite enjoyed that format. The characters were strong, easy with the swearing and played by well established and professional actors (Courtney Vance– brilliant, Christopher McDonald– amused). However, I am not sure I was able to sway from the inherent decency we associate with Hanks, to accept him whole-heartedly into this role of an ambitious, arrogant and at-any-cost tabloid hack.

I wanted to believe him because he plays a good part as always, but a tiny (but oddly loud) voice inside of me screeched,

“NO NO NO. Tom Hanks is a lovely guy. A lucky AND a lovely guy. I will not believe all this swearing business. And I certainly will not believe he is not absolutely dedicated to his marriage and family life. I WILL NOT”

But then I found myself smiling again as his silky voice wins me over. And the giggling scene. Oh how that made me happy.

Thanks Tom. That’s another bucket list tick for me.